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Largest tanzanite gemstones in history sell for $3 million

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The{ }tanzanite gemstone on the left weighs more than 20 pounds. The gemstone on the right weighs nearly 11 pounds.{ } (Photo: Habibi Mohammed/CNN via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — Two colossal tanzanite gemstones have sold for $3 million.

The discovery was made by two small-scale miners Tanzania. They then sold the gemstone to the country's government. However, the government has not yet decided what they will do with the gems.

They are the biggest stones ever seen in Tanzania. The first stone weighed more than 20 pounds and the second nearly 11 pounds.

The miners that made the sale to the government have announced they will use some of the money to enrich their community. The lead miner declared he would build a new school.

Tanzania's government has made a push in recent years to give more power to small-scale miners who often go head-to-head with larger mining corporations.