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ParTee Shack| Indoor mini-golf course opens in Raleigh

Left to right: John Berger, Caroline Berger, Zeinab Diab, and Jimmy Garcia.
Adults left to right: John Berger, Caroline Berger, Zeinab Diab, and Jimmy Garcia. (Photo provided by Caroline Berger)

A new way to play mini-golf has opened in Raleigh. ParTee Shack, located near Fayetteville Rd and Old Stage Rd in Raleigh, had its grand opening in March. The company is owned by two husband-wife duos: John and Caroline Berger, and Jimmy Garcia and Zeinab Diab.

The idea for ParTee Shack started in the fall of 2019 when John and Caroline were traveling for work and visited an indoor mini-golf course. John told Caroline that he was going to quit his job and build one in Raleigh, and that's exactly what he did. Jimmy Garcia and Zeinab Diab joined them in their business endeavor, and construction began in October 2020.

There are three 18-hole courses at ParTee shack, each one with unique obstacles that are fun for all ages. John and Jimmy constructed the course themselves, and features include: a windmill that can be spun by hand, a life-size chess board, a full-size bus to putt through, and a zip line swing that players ride. Every hole brings a new way to play, with some even giving competitors a chance to block the other player's shot.

Off the course, ParTee Shack also offers billiards, food and drink, a patio with yard games, and a golf simulator.

For hours, information, and directions, visit the ParTee Shack website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.