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Made4Me Opens New Facility in Raleigh


In 2016, Jim McAgy and John Mainey started Made4Me in a small residential garage. Three years later, Made4Me is a successful non-profit that is opening a 2400 square feet facility located in Raleigh. Made4Me is all about helping children with disabilities.

The organization builds furniture out of industrial-strength cardboard to help improve the lives of disabled kids and get around more easily in today’s world. One in five children have some sort of disability in today’s world. John explains, “The improvement in their life can come in several ways. For example, by using a floor sitter, the child can be more inclusive in the classroom and at home by being able to learn and play at the same level as their peers instead of sitting in a wheelchair. A simple step stool allows them to get up to the toilet or sink easily to help them develop better hygiene habits. An adjustable and movable chair can not only be used to calm an autistic child but give Mom a few minutes of rest or the ability to get the laundry done. A set of exercise benches that are light and varied in size allows a mom to help her son develop trunk strength as he grows.”

Over the past 3 years, Made4Me has built approximately 150 pieces of "furniture" for 30+ families, 3 school systems, 2 pediatric therapy offices, and 1 residential home. They've built easels, carry easels, adjustable chairs, floor sitters, playpens, school chair overlays, steps, step stools, rocking chairs, rocking horses, exercise benches, and balance wedges! They like to say "If you can dream it, we can build it".

This new facility is a huge step in the expansion of Made4Me. The facility allows them to accommodate many more volunteers and projects. Currently, Made4Me has over 20 "regular" volunteers coming into the shop with more visiting every week. We are able to train the volunteers effectively. Eventually, Made4Me is hoping to offer classes for Physical and Occupational therapists in order for them to get Continuing Education credits. The grand opening for the new facility will be November 2 between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm! Everyone and anyone is invited!

If you want to contribute to Made4Me, you can donate to Made4Me via our website, or get personally involved in the mission by volunteering.