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Job fair for veterans and military spouses comes to Raleigh

Job Fair
Job Fair

A job fair for military members, their spouses, and dependents will be held at Vaughn Towers at Carter-Finley Stadium on Thursday August 5th, from 11am to 3pm. The event is being held face-to-face, after going virtual last year during the Coronavirus pandemic. This year there are 54 exhibitors scheduled for the event, including tech companies, banks, financial institutions, and state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies, among others.

RecruitMilitary, who is holding the event together with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), works to connect military members and their families with employers in the area. "Our mission is to empower veterans with career opportunities, and the return of our face-to-face events allows us to serve our community of 1.5 million job seekers in the most effective way possible," said RecruitMilitary CEO Tim Best, a former Army Special Operations Attack helicopter pilot. "While our virtual events provided a way for us to connect with our job candidates and employers throughout 2020, we're ready to turn the page and bring veterans and employers together in person for meaningful career opportunities."

Allen Von Plinsky, a US Army veteran, works as RecruitMilitary's Event Director. He says employers are looking for skills that veterans learn during their time in service, like critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership. "Veterans are easily adaptable and accustomed to wearing many hats," he said. "Skills from military training are embedded in their work ethic."

The event is free to all participants, but registration is required online. Participants will upload their information and resume, then receive a personalized QR code to share with exhibitors.

To register for the event, get tips for a successful experience, and see a list of scheduled exhibitors, go to the RecruitMilitary Raleigh event website.