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Inspiring Women of North Carolina: Molly Goldston

Molly Goldston

Molly Goldston saw the call for animals in need and stepped up to the plate. Living in a state with the highest rate of euthanasia was daunting on her. She was determined to make a way for animals to get the proper care and find loving homes. So, in 2004, Molly opened Saving Grace Animals for Adoption from her home. Since, the shelter has grown tremendously and they’ve been able to adopt out over 25,000 dogs (and some cats).

Currently, Saving Grace is located on a long-time family-owned working farm in Wake County. Many dogs come to the shelter with severe neglect and trauma and it is their job to try and help them. Molly knows that, unfortunately, not every animal can be saved but for the ones who are, “it means another life lived and a forever friend.“ Molly loves her job because of the happiness it brings when dogs and people are together. Dogs that have not felt love or were once discarded become a treasured family member.

Saving Grace partners with over 20 counties in the Carolina’s where dogs come weekly to find a forever home and much-needed love. Molly then visits these shelters to interact with the animals and determine which to bring to her facility. However, 95% of the dogs that come into Saving Grace have never received any medical care. Therefore, it’s vital to also maintain partnerships with many clinics, shelters, and teaching hospitals to assist us in caring for these animals. Molly is grateful, “with the help of our wonderful community, these pets get a well-deserved second chance at life.

Saving Grace’s latest major project is to continue outreach on their onsite Spay/Neuter clinic. Spaying and Neutering is so important to prevent overpopulation and keep animals happier. Additionally, they’ve outgrown the farmhouse and are working on raising money for a new building. Her goal is to build a shelter large enough to adequately house dogs and keep up with the daily wear and tear of running Saving Grace. Still, there is no state funding or county funding of any kind for Saving Grace. They have been able to do all this amazing work solely on corporate and private donations.

If you’re interested in helping Saving Grace, you can do so by volunteering, fostering, or donating. Molly talks about an incredible foster program that includes fosters for puppies and dogs healing from medical situations.

Although the need for help may be greater than the resources given, Molly says she refuses to ever give up trying.