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My Favorite Cameron Village Shops

cameronn village.jpg
cameronn village.jpg

Cameron Village is one of Raleigh's most popular shopping destinations. It is filled with phenomenal stores and places to check-out. In this article, I wanted to list a couple of my favorite Cameron Village stops for you to think about on your next visit! Did your favorite make my list? Find out:

Woof Gang Bakery

Woof Gang Bakery is Kona's favorite pet store. Woof Gang is filled with wall to wall with toys, leashes, food, and special treats for your furry friend! They have a plethora of merchandise that you're not going to find at a typical Petsmart or Petco. Such as seasonal bandanas, doggy birthday cakes, and hand-made bow ties. How cute.

I also love their grooming options at Woof Gang. They offer grooming services at a charge but also have private dog-wash stations available by walk-in! The wash stations come with shampoo and conditioner for your pup, a blow-dry, fresh towels, and no cleanup (they take care of that!). While all of Cameron Village is very dog-friendly, Woof Gang Bakery takes the cake!

Light Years Jewelry

Light Years Jewelry is a unique jewelry store in Cameron Village with a large selection of beautiful pieces. You can find hundreds of necklaces, earrings, rings, and more inside! Don't walk in expecting a Zale's or a Jarrod's... but this store is filled with character and fashionable choices! They have a great selection at very affordable prices. I get all my jewelry here!

K&W Cafeteria

After a long afternoon spent shopping, K&W Cafeteria is the perfect place to grab a bite. Since it is a "cafeteria-style" restaurant, there is a LARGE selection of food. No matter what you're craving- K&W has it! As you go through the line, there is tons to choose from. You'll want to make two plates! K&W is also very clean and offers great service. Though you have no waiter, people will check on you at your table.