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Double Deuce Tattoo & Art Gallery

Double Deuce

Scott Russell had dreamt of tattooing but never imagined it’d be a reality someday. So, when the opportunity to be a local artist’s apprentice came knocking, he answered. He sold some belongings for money and threw his all into the art of tattooing. Through the apprenticeship, Scott was able to hone his skills and learn the ins and outs of being an artist. His hard work paid off because in October of 2009, he opened up his very own shop in Cary, North Carolina.

Double Deuce Tattoo & Art Gallery was created to give artists a fun and relaxing place to do what they love, while also providing clients with the very best service. Scott strongly believes in, “putting the customers first and really listening to their design ideas. Input is essential. Customers aren't only people in our studio, they are our canvas, our promoters and most of all our responsibility.” That’s why they are an official member of the Better Business Bureau.

Currently, Double Deuce has five super talented, creative, and fun personable artists at the studio. Each artist comes with their own uniqueness and slightly different approach. That way if a customer is looking for a particular style, they are able to figure out which artist is right for you. The shop is newly remodeled and welcoming, ready for clients to enjoy.

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely threw the studio for a curve ball. Although tattooing had to come to a halt for a bit, tattoo artists were finding themselves getting to their next level of creativity. Scott made it his own mission to learn as much as he could about the virus and how to go about reopening safely. Double Deuce is now back open and accepting appointments under new shop policies. New policies require clients to make an appointment, wear face masks, wash their hands after entering, and have their temperature be taken. They also have put a hold on piercings for numerous reasons.

Additionally, Double Deuce Tattoo & Art Gallery finds it important to give back to the community. They support local artists by displaying and selling artwork in the studio as well as teaming up over the years to paint skateboard decks for auction. All the money raised goes to UNC Children's Hospital. Double Deuce has also taken part in food drives, sponsored a race car driver (that coincidentally became the national champion of the year), donated to a crash up derby for autism, and much more. After COVID-19 hit, they even donated 2,500 gloves to first responders. Scott says, “it's one of the greatest perks to owning any type of business.”

Coming back to work and maneuvering this “new normal” has not been easy but together we can try our best. Scott still has many questions but is taking it day by day. He is also greatly appreciative of the support from clients. Right now, health and safety is his number one priority as he welcomes people back into the shop. Scott wants everyone to know that, “As we all start to venture back into the world with a pandemic, we have to at least be aware of it and it's potential potency each day. Tattoo studio or not, the goal is to support human lives.”

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