Passengers disgusted by overflowing toilet on Greyhound bus

bus 5.PNG
Feces in the aisle on the Greyhound bus. (KVII/Lisa Burns)

AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) - Some Greyhound passengers had a ride to Amarillo Monday they said they'll never forget. That's because of the stench on board the bus. Passengers told ABC 7 it was a horrifying experience to have feces spread in the aisle of the bus for a six-hour ride from Denver to Amarillo.

One passenger said the smell started 15 minutes into the trip.

“A stench filled the entire bus and everyone started gagging and covering their face,” said passenger Lisa Burns. “I actually walked down to the back of the bus to use the restroom and I looked down and there were brown footprints everywhere.”

Burns said the toilet on the bus was overflowing, so no one could use the bathroom on board.

“I was sitting in the rear of the bus right where the stuff was,” said passenger David Moore. “I got feces on my shoes and all my personal belongings because it was literally right in the aisle way."

Burns also said everyone on board complained to the driver, but nothing was done to fix the problem.

Here's how riders described the smell:

“If you ever opened up a septic tank that was overly filled and been rancid for some time,” said Moore. “Just like taking a lid off of a septic tank.”

“Imagine a CAFO,” said Burns. “But you are riding inside of it. It was pretty inhumane.”

Greyhound would not comment on the situation.

“I’m going to go home and disinfect myself,” said Burns. “I’m pretty sure all of this (referring to her clothes and shoes) needs to be burned.”