Rhode Island's presidential soda pop poll returns with early indications

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Presidential soda pop poll returns with early indications. (WJAR)

CRANSTON, R.I. (WJAR) — The presidential soda pop poll is back for another go-around from Rhode Island's official soda and water company.

It's where you buy a bottle of your "favorite candidate." And on election day, the final votes are tallied.

It's fitting that Yacht Club Soda and Water Company's world headquarters is in Centerdale, Rhode Island.

They're not picking sides, just hosting the party for you to decide.

There's Donald's Big League Punch with a biting tropical flavor that plays off the "punch" line. John Sgambato, president of the company, said he "thought it really fit well. He's -- he always throws punches."

And Joe's Berry-Blue Lemonade has a raspberry lemon twist that, when questioned if that was to play off that fact that it's lemonade, like a bitter twist. Sgambato said, "No, no, not this. We didn't do that."

Some customers are buying the soda for the novelty, others for the taste, either politically, or for the palate.

Yacht Club Soda, family-owned since 1915, is sold at stores not only locally, but in the Midwest and California, and online too.

As of the day before the first debate, with 37,000 sodas sold, Big League Punch was leading Berry Blue Lemonade 52% to 36% nationally, but evenly split in Rhode Island at 45% each with 10% going to the independent.

A woman shopping for soda at the store was asked if she was going to try them. She said, with a wink and a laugh, "Yeah, I have to choke on both of them. After last night, I have to wonder."

Last election's results were uncannily on the mark, with Donald's Populist Punch just edging out Hillary's Liberal Limeade 46.3% to 44.5% on 48,000 bottles sold.

With a month to go, only those with the stomach to take part will choose the next winner.

In light of that, Nick's on Broadway in Providence has concocted special cocktails made with the limited-time-only soda's in the poll.

When another customer in the store heard that, she replied, "Oh, my goodness. I'll have to have a few of them I think."