Over 2,000 Middle Tennessee students sing National Anthem when singer's microphone fails

Equine Education Day-Photo courtesy Jerry Harris.PNG
Equine Education Day-Photo courtesy Jerry Harris

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- An event held to teach Middle Tennessee students about horses turned into an example of youthful pride when a microphone went down during the singing of the National Anthem.

Jerry Harris, founder of the What a Horse Horse, says the first-ever 'Equine Education Day' event was held as a learning opportunity for children across the state.

"It was a field trip for students from kindergarten through eighth grade with kids from all over Tennessee and even Kentucky. There was over 2,000 kids." Harris says.

Harris says during the opening ceremonies, Walking Horse trainer Herbert Derickson started to sing the National Anthem when the wireless microphone experienced a technical problem.

Instead of silence filling the arena, Harris says he was moved when all of the kids took over for Derickson and demonstrated an "amazing display of youthful pride."

"Especially when you see some kids disrespecting the flag, it was just something special to witness those kids," Harris says.