Guy accused of stealing car from jail parking lot right after he was released

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A man is accused of stealing a car from the parking lot of the jail after he was released for serving time on a theft charge (WSYX/WTTE)

A recently released inmate didn’t go far to commit his next crime prosecutors said.

He’s now accused of stealing a car for his ride home right from the parking lot at Jackson Pike Jail.

In September, Dustin Strawser was sentenced for a theft he committed earlier in the year. However the day he was released and placed on two years probation, prosecutors said he was seen on surveillance video stealing a Dodge Caliber from the Jackson Pike Jail parking lot south of downtown Columbus.

"Criminals have nothing to do with their time besides plot," said Chris Murphy who owns the car and was doing time himself in Jackson Pike.

Murphy told ABC 6/FOX 28 that his mother drove his car to the jail and left it in the parking lot so he would have transportation and needed items when he was released.

"I lost all my clothing, underwear, socks, the necessities," Murphy said. He also ended up with no ride.

"I was homeless for ten days. I was living on the street. I was living with raccoons," said Murphy. "If you have no money in your pocket, the first thing you're going to do is hit a little store for the come up. They need to provide something for the inmates."

Murphy said the county should offer transportation services to recently released inmates as the Jackson Pike Facility has no bus stop in sight. The public information officer with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said once an inmate leaves the lobby, they’re on their own.

Strawser faced a judge Thursday for the grand theft auto charge. He could also serve 17 months in prison if found guilty of violating probation in his original case.