Chipotle rolls out new clothing line dyed with leftover avocado pits

Chipotle is launching a responsibly sourced line of Chipotle Goods, made with organic cotton, and branded accessories.{ } (PRNewsfoto/Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — Chipotle Mexican Grill announced Monday they are rolling out a new clothing line dyed using leftover avocado pits.

The new line called Chipotle Goods plans to upcycle the pits from avocados used in restaurants around the country to help the environment. All profits will be donated to organizations that work toward making fashion or farming more sustainable.

Chipotle, famous for its guacamole, said they go through nearly 300 million avocado pits per year. In a press release, the company said they are one of the largest restaurant purchasers of avocados in the world.

"An ink is created when the pits are simmered in water, creating a sustainable, plant-based dye varying in color, that ultimately results in customized apparel and accessories for the brand," Chipotle said in a statement.

Dying a single item of clothing requires five pits, which roughly equates to five orders of guacamole.

"We know people are looking to celebrate their passion for Chipotle, and we set out to create a line of products with the same thoughtfulness, care, and attention to detail that we use in our kitchens," said Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer. "With Chipotle Goods, our fans can get quality items that support sustainable agriculture and represent our mission of cultivating a better world."

Chipotle Goods clothing line will produce tote bags, denim jackets, baby blankets and statement T-shirts. The company says the new line will focus on "size inclusivity" and be gender-neutral.

The line becomes available to the public Aug. 4.