Alabama woman celebrates life on her 101st birthday

Delia Mae Lipham sits with a relative as she waits for fire trucks to drive past her home near Anniston (Photo: WBMA)

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBMA) – A woman who lives near Anniston celebrated a birthday more than a century in the making on Sunday.

Delia Mae Lipham is now 101 years old!

The Quad City Volunteer Fire Department and members of the community gave her a drive-by celebration.

Five generations of family and close friends came out with signs saying things like "Takes a long time to grow young" and "It's a privilege to grow older." They even presented her with new flowers to put in her window.

Her son-in-law Ken Viehe said he's seen how amazing she is over the last 35 years.

Ken Viehe told WBMA, "(This) means the world. She is the kindest, sweetest woman there ever was. She's given out more than anybody could ever give to her."

For the centenarian, she's glad to have so many people who make her part of their life.

"To see so many different neighbors and friends and all -- everything has just been great," said Lipham.