11 nice features on the 2019 Toyota RAV4

2019 Toyota RAV4 Ltd HV 23.JPG
2019 Toyota RAV4 Ltd HV (Sinclair Broadcast Group / Jill Ciminillo)

The RAV4 has always been a solid and dependable vehicle for Toyota – as is reflected in the fact this is the automaker’s No. 1 selling vehicle.

But as this compact SUV enters its fifth generation, Toyota adds a lot of available features that push the 2019 RAV4 to a different level – and that’s without considering all the new standard safety technology.

Here are 11 convenience features that are now available on RAV4.

Apple CarPlay

Avalon and Corolla were the first vehicles in the Toyota lineup to get this phone mirroring system. But as RAV4 is completely redesigned for 2019, it gets the updated Entune 3.0 infotainment system, which includes Apple CarPlay.

This system allows you to easily listen to podcasts, stream music and use voice-to-text software – all through the vehicle without touching your phone.

Waze integration

As long as you have an iPhone with the latest iOS update, you will now have access to both Waze and Google Maps through Apple CarPlay.

You are now able to set your destination, see crowd-sourced incident reports and get real-time traffic – for free – projected through the in-car screen on the center stack.

Vented front seats

Heated seats have been around for a while, and they’re starting to make their way into even the most entry-level of vehicles. So, the newest convenience craze to start going down market is the vented seats.

This basically pipes cooled air through seats and helps keep in-car harmony going when you have two people in the front seats who like completely different car climates. Paired with dual automatic climate control, I call these features a marriage saver.

Heated steering wheel

Another feature that has started to make its way out of luxury vehicles is the heated steering wheel. Similar to heated seats, this feature quickly warms the steering wheel, allowing the driver to ditch gloves to drive on a cold day.

Qi charging

As more smartphones get the ability to charge wirelessly, more vehicles are starting to add a wireless charging pad. Situated in a wide-open cubby hole below the center stack controls, the Qi charger in the RAV4 is easy to access and use.

5 USB ports

IMHO, any vehicle that is going to carry passengers needs multiple USB ports. At a base level the RAV4 only has one, but starting at the XLE trim, you’ll get 5 USB ports – one for each seat. There is one up front, two in the center console and two in the rear.

Under-floor storage for tonneau cover

For anyone who likes to store stuff in their vehicle, a tonneau cover is a must to prevent someone from peering into your hatch and breaking your rear window to steal what you have stowed there.

But for those times when you need to stow taller cargo, the tonneau only gets in the way. And unless you have somewhere in the vehicle to store it, the cover might get lost in your garage and you won’t have it when you need it.

Toyota neatly solves this problem with a small under-floor storage location.

Flippable cargo flooring

The natural state for the cargo floor in the RAV for is a carpet covered hard surface. Which is attractive and nice for holding things like groceries, jumper cables and your gym bag.

But you can flip that floor over for an easy-to-clean rubberlike surface that you won’t hesitate to throw muddy boots or bags of mulch on.

Rear camera mirror

One of Toyota’s goals with the RAV4 was to create better all-around visibility. A slimmer A-Pillar and larger side windows help, but the available rear-camera mirror extends that visibility concept to the rear as well.

When you have tall passengers or cargo stacked in the back, it might be difficult to see out the rear window. The rear camera mirror solves this problem, bypassing the mirror and projecting an image from a camera at the back of the vehicle.

Surround-view back up camera

A plain back-up camera is standard in the 2019 RAV4, but a 360-degree camera is available. It allows you to project a birds-eye view of the vehicle in forward and reverse gears at slow speeds, allowing you to better see low-lying obstacles like curbs as well as help you maneuver more cleanly out of tight parking spaces.

Panoramic moonroof

Yet another lux-level feature that’s starting to make its way down market, the Panoramic moonroof spans both rows of the RAV4 allowing in more light to all rows and creating a more open and airy feeling.

The Bottom Line

Toyota has added a lot of creative and clever features to the 2019 RAV4, which makes a very popular vehicle even more desirable.

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 has a base price of $26,545, but the top-tier all-in hybrid model will peak around $37K.

CarPlay, Waze and the flippable cargo floor are standard. So, even if you added in most of these features with the Technology, Convenience and Entune Audio Plus packages, you’re probably not going to spend more than about $30K.

That’s a lot of vehicle for a reasonable amount of money.