WAAM: The Best New Fitness App

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The WAAM logo

The WAAM fitness app started out as an idea NC State graduate, Karly Pavlinac, had two years ago. Karly Pavlinac was a yoga teacher who wanted to share her knowledge. Over the past two years, she gave her all to developing WAAM and creating a successful team that would help make it a reality. It's been a long journey but WAAM is live and available in the Itunes store.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to sit down with Pavlinac, as well as WAAM's CTO, Brian Marks and lead app developer, Ziwa Mukungu. Together, they have created a motivating and welcoming space for individuals to discover, learn, and explore their fitness goals. The journey wasn't always easy (the app went through numerous testing stages) but well worth it. They've put in extensive time and effort traveling the states, connecting with trainers and coaches.

WAAM stands for "We Are The Movement", it is a health and fitness app dedicated to bringing you the best coaches and workouts from your phone to your home. You no longer have to go to the gym or have the best equipment to work up a sweat! The app has something for everyone. There are 45 trainers and about 250 classes ranging from HIIT, pilates, and even ballet. Including a few viral celebrity trainers like Josh Rogers, Hilton Alexander “Route King”, and Mike Young.

For $19.99/a month, you get access to all workouts, videos, and content from ALL the trainers, athletes, and celebrities on WAAM. WAAM is about finding the ways you love to move and encouraging others to do the same.