Summer Wellness For Families On the Go


It's summertime and so many of us are busy focusing on vacation days, cookouts, and summer camps... but consider this a reminder to reset some of your health routines. Where should you start? Luckily we've got you covered! Joining us with suggestions and strategies that can help is Meghan Sowa, health and wellness expert for Nature's Bounty!

About Meghan Sowa:

As a busy working mom, Meghan maintains a healthy lifestyle by getting her steps through trailing behind her active first grader or taking the stairs at the office. And for those mid-afternoon meetings, she always has a protein bar handy for that extra boost. Meghan stays close to the health and wellness space personally and professionally and wants nothing more than to help folks (of all ages) do the same. Plus, she’s a super fan of the entire Nature’s Bounty Beauty Gels line that launched earlier this year.