Sally Luther || Sola Coffee Cafe


At 16 I was just learning how to make coffee... But this local 16 year old has mastered it. Sally Luther, of Sola Coffee Cafe's Jeanne & John Luther, was just recently certified as a barista with Counter Culture Coffee in Durham.

After sitting and talking with her it became very clear that she knows her coffee. From cappuccinos to her signature drink, Sally has it down to a science.

Luther family-owned Sola Coffee Cafe in North Raleigh breeds an appreciation for the brew, and a love for the community it creates. That love of people that her parents instilled in her is what keeps Sally interested in learning more about the culture of coffee.

Walking into Sola you can hear the entire staff greeting every patron by name and you know they are serving so much more than coffee. One day she hopes to bring a little bit of that hospitality to the West Coast.