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New Yoga Studio in East Raleigh


Arrichion is a hot yoga and circuit training studio that promotes health and wellness, alongside education. They offer a variety of different classes for clients to come and enjoy. The North Raleigh location has been a favorite of many Raleigh locals for over 10 years. However, lovers of Arrichion will now have choices as a new East Raleigh location opens.

Shannon Trantas, an owner and instructor at Arrichion East Raleigh, explains, “As Raleigh and the Triangle continue to grow, traffic has gotten worse, and clients in the downtown and south Raleigh areas find it harder to make it to Brier Creek in peak times. We wanted to provide the same great Arrichion workouts for those in the East Raleigh community.” Currently, Arrichion East is run by a dedicated team of four instructors.

Their goal for the new studio is to create a fitness community that feels comfortable in the space and challenged by their workouts. Their hope is that for 45 minutes their clients can come get a great workout in and leave feeling renewed. They also look forward to being an active part of the community and getting involved with other local businesses for fun partnerships or events.

The studio had plans to open its doors back in April 2020 but was delayed due to COVID-19. Although they currently do not have an opening date, things look great. Arrichion quickly adapted by launching a Virtual Studio via Zoom for clients to get great workouts in from home. Fortunately, they have been able to meet some of our future East Raleigh clients this way and start to build community.

When asked what she would say to someone contemplating hot yoga, Shannon said, “You can do more than you think! The heat can be intimidating, but it only takes a couple of classes to get used to it. Hydrate well and eat healthy the days you’re planning to practice. Each of our classes offer modifications of poses, and there is always the option to take a break on your mat whenever needed.”

There are numerous benefits to hot yoga. Adding heat to your yoga practice increases not only the intensity of the workout, but also allows you to increase your flexibility, muscle tone, and lung capacity more than traditional yoga. Additionally, your heart rate and metabolism are elevated more quickly, leading to more calories burned. The added heat and resulting sweat helps remove toxins and has been shown to decrease stress, while also decreasing likelihood of injury.

Arrichion East Raleigh is patiently awaiting the next steps from the NC Government on when they can move forward. You can check out their online studio at and check for updates at