Frozen II Journeys Into The Unknown


Frozen II topped the box office records for the biggest ever opening weekend of an animated film. Frozen II earned an estimated $127 million in just its opening weekend. The movie was wildly anticipated, six years after the original’s release date and it did not disappoint.

Frozen II was a cinematic beauty. Disney’s animators did a wonderful job creating a magical wonderland for Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the rest of the gang to explore. The film puts on multiple dazzling light shows and brings enchanted lands to life. We are no longer in Arendelle, pledging full-force into the unknown.

We are introduced to new characters, new songs, and new looks for viewers to fall in love with. Our favorite sisters are out to find answers and discover their true purpose. Elsa hears a calling and though content with her current life as Queen, knows that change is inevitable. We are taken on another frozen journey where both Anna and Elsa learn more about themselves and grow further into powerful, strong leaders.

In the first Frozen movie, we meet two scared, naive princesses that had never been outside the castle walls. Their evolution throughout the movies has been absolutely incredible. As well as Olaf, who definitely stepped more into his role of comedic relief. Numerous Olaf “one-liners” had me cracking up the whole time.

In what may be an unpopular opinion, I thought the sequel was better than the original. Frozen II had me laughing, crying, and most importantly, inspired. The soundtrack will be playing on repeat for weeks to come. So, while some may say Frozen II is a children's movie, I believe you will enjoy it no matter your age.