And Then There Were Alison

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You may know her as Nellie Oleson from Little House on The Prairie but this weekend Alison Arngrim is playing Emily Brent in Judson Theatre Company’s, And Then There Were None. I got the chance to talk with Alison about her upcoming show, experience as an actress, and what plans she’s got next!

C: You played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. Since you’ve had such a versatile career! What differences do you see between working on a TV show and working in theatre?

A: The great thing about theatre is you have the immediate reaction from the audience. In TV and film, you generally have to wait till it airs to find out how people feel about it. With theatre, they're right there, part of the show, living the characters' adventures with you.

C: You have traveled all over the country for numerous multi-media productions and tours. However, this is your first play in North Carolina. How are you enjoying NC so far?

A: Loving it! Everyone is so nice! Also, I have discovered Harris Teeter. We don't have them in Los Angeles. I'm absolutely hooked. LOL!! They have everything!

C: Why did And Then There Were None initially interest you?

A: I started reading Agatha Christie books as a little girl. I loved "And Then There Were None". And when I heard they wanted me to play the horrid Emily Brent, I couldn't resist! LOL!!

C: Could you tell us about your character, Emily Brent?

A: You thought Nellie was bad?? Ha! She's very "holier than thou", a real hypocrite. Thinks she's absolutely better than ANYONE. She's utterly impossible! She makes the Dowager from "Downton Abbey" look like a fun date!

C: What kind of things can we look forward to seeing in And Then There Were None?

A: Well, basically lots of murder! LOL! Very proper English people getting done in - it's like a huge game of clue!

C: The show starts tomorrow! How excited are you?! Do you still ever get nervous?

A: Soooo excited! Only a little. I love being on stage, so it doesn't scare me anymore, but there is that burst of adrenaline!

C: What’s next in store for you?

A: Oh so many things! I'm in the award-winning web series, "Life Interrupted", I'm performing my one-woman show "Confessions of A Prairie Bitch" at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in new York, mother's day weekend, I'm going to the Marshfield Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival, O Comic Con in Nebraska, and doing the Nasty Nellie Tour of Hollywood on April 9!

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