Community Matters 138: Access to Higher Education


Studies show that North Carolina's job growth will outpace our population growth by the year 2024. Many of these jobs will require a college degree. But you will most likely go into debt if you pursue a higher education. Almost 60 per cent of our state’s graduates owe an average of $26,500 each in student loans. What additional pathways are available for us to further our education?

Catherine Truitt, Chancellor of WGU North Carolina, joined us in the studio to discuss the topic of access to higher education.

Scott Ralls, President of Wake Technical Community College, joined the conversation about access to higher education. And with more than 20 years of community college experience under his belt, it’s safe to say that Wake Tech is in good hands.

Laura Briscoe has clearly mastered the art of time management and self-discipline. She’s a manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield, a mother of five, and she’s currently pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration at WGU. She joined us to explain how she finds the time to get everything done.